Trail of Blood are:

Trail of Blood has had several changes in its lineup since its formation. The band’s current lineup consists since 2020 of vocalist and guitarist Florian Ewert, guitarist and backgroundvocalist Jörg Streuber, bassist and backgroundvocalist Tobias Foedisch and drummer Andy Herrmann. In the past the band around frontman Florian Ewert has released some demos (“Trail of Blood E.P” 2008 and “Dead Again” in 2010) in different lineups. In 2015 the band kicked their first album off. “Savage tales from the spineless” was recorded, mixed and mastered by David Hallmann in the D&R-Studios in the hometown of the band (Parchim, Germany). The 4 metalheads put the sounds of their heroes together and generate that melodic bastard between thrash and deathmetal . Andy Hermann’s fast doublebass-drumming creates that style of rhythm that makes the double leadguitar sing! Tobias Foedisch puts his fingerpicking-grove-bass on it and “the trail” starts to thrash! The first album was inspired by the darkness of the human soul. In 2017 they released their second studio album “Judas Evangelion”, inspired by the gospel of Judas the betrayer. The new record sounds way darker than “the spineless” and gets more of the deathmetalstyle that was shown on the precursor.